Saturday, May 15, 2010

I hit the Garage Sales today. Fun Fun!

I had fun this morning driving from Garage Sale to Garage Sale. I was looking for a couple large old pots for tomato plants I started from seed that I'd like to give to a couple neighbors. No luck finding pots today, but I did see two nice gardens. they said I could take pics :)

Below: A raised bed garden with yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes and beans, I think green beans? I didn't catch this gardeners name, but the ladies at the garage sale said she is a fantastic gardener and can grow anything. It was very nice to meet you ;) Thanks for letting me take pics of your garden.

Below: Here is Marie's Garden.

Garlic :) YUM! She planted these in the fall.

Below: She made the trellis' for her snap peas out of twigs and small branches. cute!

Below: This large structure is a giant trellis for tomatoes. Thanks Marie! Sending you an email now :)


  1. Beautiful gardens!! Is that copper that Marie has around her plants? I enjoyed looking at them!!

  2. The lady with the round gardens is my mom -- Betty! Thanks for dropping by the yard sale today.

  3. BETTY!!!! That was fun!!! Loved your garden!

  4. No, not copper. The round ones are Betty's ;) They are plastic