Monday, June 14, 2010

Kitchen Aid Contest at

Go to Saving Dinner to read about "How to Enter" the drawing to win a Free Kitchen Aid! Check it out Just post this site to your blog, or your Facebook page, or twitter and let her know AND become a fan on her Facebook Page. Very cool site. She also has free podcasts to listen too on itunes or at blog talk radio. LOTS of GREAT info on there.

Leanne, you ROCK!!!! My BFF ;) Not really, haha. I've never met her in person...but she feels like a BFF. She really cares about what we eat. A real passion for wanting change with how we go about food, what we put into our body's to make us feel/look better and how we feed our families. No crap (as Leanne would say) just good food. has great recipes that come with a weekly shopping list. All kinds of menus to fit every household need. I've been using her menus since 2004. The Dinner Diva, Leanne, has helped me become a better cook. Not fussy cooking, but easy cooking. Nothing hard and no fussy products. You use all regular ingredients. That's what I like most.

She has a free menu to try out, just go to the link above and send her your email. I have purchased many of her menus over the years, but my personal favorite go to menu has been the Frugal Menu, which is now an e-book. You can buy all four seasons in one book or just one season at a time. My most recent purchase was the Pizza e-book. I haven't tried the recipes yet, but since the kids are out of school I'll be cooking up some pizza's on the grill very soon. We don't have a need to go gluten-free in our house, but I am cutting down. The pizza e-book has a gluten free dough I'm looking forward to trying. My Mom is allergic to Wheat, so we'll be trying this out next week when they come to visit :)


  1. Hi Jill, found you at Down-to-Earth and am enjoying your blog. I'm a fellow gardener who lives just up the road in Warrenton. I look forward to more great garden pics. It sure is beautiful. We use square foot gardening too!

  2. I'm to came over from Down-to-earth. What a garden. Nice blog!!!
    Coffee is on.

  3. Very cool blog. I look forward to seeing you garden progress. I have never done a square foot garden and want to learn more about it:)