Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden looking a little rough

I took these pics just a few minutes ago.

My Garden today:

My first large red tomato this year! (plant I started from seed)

sunflower, will be here soon :)

Crimson watermelon, about the size of a softball. I bought this plant

squash flower, looking healthy (started from seed)

cherry tomatoes, you can see the fried up leaves from the summer heat/no rain. (plant I started from seed)

Roma tomatoes, not plentiful, but giving me a few. Started from seed

I think watermelon leaves are the prettiest. (below)

My garden from the deck. Notice the brown grass. More rain the in forecast for this week, yippee!

I haven't spent much time in the garden, except to pick a few things here and there. We finally got some much needed rain the other day. The last rain was over 30 days ago (June 8th) which is not normal for this area. Normally we get thunderstorms rolling through and dropping rain every couple days. So my garden is looking a little rough. I have been picking cherry and grape tomatoes, a couple roma tomatoes, some peppers, few carrots. I'm hoping my squash plants produce well. I LOVE squash (butternut, little pumpkins, and big pumpkins for decoration). They seem to be happy and growing well.


  1. Jill, your garden looks lovely. Everything looks to be real healthy considering the lack of rain. Watering has certainly been a chore for me this summer. I know you will enjoy all those wonderful veggies.

  2. Lorie,

    I checked out your blog. Your garden is Awesome!!! The rain from last night skipped my town (on the 13th). I was in DC yesterday, went to the zoo, and then drove home in the storm. Was a great rain!!! for northern VA