Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Garden surprise this morning :)

This morning I found my spreading petunia with a flower. I started this from seed indoors in February. I started many of them, but this was the only one that made it when I planted them outdoors. I totally expected it to flower MONTHS ago, but it waited until today, July 19th. I'll start them from seed in January next year instead. I love spreading petunias.

Below: My luffa plant. The flower cluster. Neat plant.

Below: My grape tomato plant. I purchased this one from Lowes. I pick about ten off this plant daily for the last couple weeks.
Below: My watermelon still growing. The other one shriveled up, so I tossed it to my dogs. This one is now larger than my hand spread out. I see a couple more watermelons starting. Hope they do well.
My back yard needs to be weeded, but this still looks nice. It's our firepit area. Sadly we rarely use this area but to look at during the day. We are not night people, hard to stay up that late, lol, but we do use it at least once/summer and do smores.

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