Friday, October 8, 2010

That's all for this year

This was a rough year for my garden. Very little rain this summer that really did it in. I watered it some with the hose. I prefer nature to do the watering, too much work for me. I pulled out my plants last week and removed two garden boxes I set up this year in spring (was too hard to mow around and decided to have a simple garden for next year, looks better). So I am back down to four 4 x 4 foot garden boxes. Last weekend we (hubby) aerated and seeded the lawn including around my garden boxes. I still have to pull out my luffa plant. The luffa was my favorite plant this year. I didn't turn the luffas into scrubbers, maybe next year, but TONS of yellow flowers that the bees LOVED. Such a neat plant. I did eat the plant. If you pick them under 6 inches long they are tender and to me taste like asparagus. The luffa plant is a great screening plant that will cover a fence. I didn't get one pumpkin. I refused to spray the plants just to see what would happen. Well, the stink bug devoured all of my squash plants :( except the summer squash. I got a few of those. SO tasty!!!

Looking forward to January when I start planting seeds indoors and planning my garden. I'll be back in January. Time to enjoy the Fall weather around here. Love this time of year!!!! See you in January.


  1. Your garden looks lovely. I'm planning on having a raised garden next year myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my site and sharing your Libby Langdon link!

  2. Jill, you will be missed. Enjoy your winter break. I love the winter, as I can get things done that are ignored during the growing season. I would be a great bear.

    P.S. the stink bugs were bad here too.