Thursday, August 26, 2010

little picks

making soup tonight. grabbed some peppers, chives, two baby summer squashes and couple grape tomatoes for the soup. I have some leftover chicken to use up.


  1. Your chives look wonderful. The heat got mine this year, but I snipped them down last month and they age beginning to come on strong. Hope to get some dried before winter sets in.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful harvest with us.

  2. Let us know how you used all those lovely veggies in a soup. Would love a picture and a recipe and a comment on how it turned out.

  3. Actually it was a very simple soup using leftover chicken, canned broth, 4 diced red potatoes and garlic along with the few veggies in photo. I also used the leftover broth/ bits from the chicken I cooked. That recipe was Garlic Lime Chicken from the www.saving site. If you sign-up for her free emails, she sends out a free recipe with her weekly emails. The leftover broth from the chicken was all the soup needed for spices. Was so good! Not sure a pic of that soup would have looked so pretty. It was a plain looking soup, but big on flavor.