Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's garden pictures, August 11th 2010

It's been a HOT, without rain AND humid summer. Not my favorite kind of summer. My garden has suffered. When you look at the whole garden it doesn't look so great.... you see the burnt leaves on the tomato plants and such, but if you look just at each section then the garden doesn't look so bad. Some plants have really taken off, like the squash and the luffa.

Last night we celebrated our middle daughter's birthday. She asked for tacos for dinner. I used the peppers from the garden, jalapeno (only had one, lol), banana peppers, and some little tiny bells. Cook up ground turkey, add minced fresh garlic, add veggies (peppers) and a can of pinto beans. Serve on corn tortillas (that I sprinkled with chz and popped in the oven on a cookie sheet for a couple minutes just to heat up). Add whatever sauce you want, salsa, tobasco, sour cream...whatever you have on hand really. Serve with a salad. done. One of our easy family favs.

I took these garden pictures this morning.

Below: Garden still looking rough.

Below: Luffa plant gone wild! No luffas present just yet. Hope I get some. If not, the flowers were worth it.
Below: Luffa plant and the squash and an old chair I still use which was left by the last home owner..oh, and Rory our beagle/english setter mix. GREAT dog!!!!! Except she likes to dig holes.
Below: Pumpkin, but not sure which one. Again, my mystery garden (stakes failed me)
Below: The luffa (growing along the top of the fence) and squash growing through the garden wire fence and will soon cover the horseshoe area.
Below: we ate one of these last night. OH MY YUM!!!!! I think it's a Calabasa. Will check package later and edit this if I'm wrong.

Below: We ate this little watermelon yesterday. Was good. Because of the drought it stayed small. It was suppose to be a 20 lb. watermelon. I have two more out in the garden.
Below: Notice the grape tomatoes and peppers. I gave the summer squash to my oldest to take home. I have more growning. YUM! I am a big fan of squash.


  1. Love your luffa! Will be eager to see what it does. Definitely keep us posted....

  2. Everything looks great!! I wish we had room for watermelon too! Except we get deer who would probably eat it first. I hope your luffa works out.